Davenport Ceramic Marks 1794 - 1887

Davenport Ceramic Marks is a new, pocket sized book aimed at serious Davenport collectors and antique dealers. It builds on the definitive historical research of Terry Lockett and Geoffrey Godden and published in their Davenport books of 1974 and 1989.

Davenport Ceramic Marks concentrates exclusively on the earthenware, stoneware and porcelain marks used by the Davenport factories. It is the result of many trips to antique fairs over the last 40 years, scouring the internet for new marks, many weeks work cataloguing the Warmsley Collection and digitally processing all the photographs.

Davenport Ceramic marks contains 75 pages. The first 30 pages in black and white give a list of 47 different types of Davenport marks and their dates, plus other useful information. The 45 colour pages illustrate an average of four items bearing each Davenport mark, some 177 colour photos in all.

The inspiration behind Davenport Ceramic Marks has been many comments from dealers that a book on Davenport marks is overdue, the last by Lockett and Godden (1989), with a print run of just 1000 copies, being very scarce. So, I have written this book, with valued help and advice from Terry Lockett and Geoffrey Godden, and published it myself to keep the cost down and make it affordable.

Price 10. Postage: UK 2, Europe 3, outside Europe 4.